Shipping from China to US: Rates, Routes, Documents, Major Ports and everything you need to know

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Shipping from China to US: Rates, Routes, Documents, Major Ports and everything you need to know

This keeps the price low for private customers with relatively small orders. The advantages of a third-party logistics provider are their reliability, ease, and cost savings compared to couriers.

Shipping From China how

In addition to the freight rates, transportation costs are raised due to extra charges. Customs clearance in the UK varies depending on the type of shipment.

LCL, or less than a container load, means your goods do not fill an entire container, and will be shipped along with other boxes or pallets. Note that when you ship LCL, your goods will need to be consolidated at the origin port and deconsolidated at the destination port. FCL, or full container load, means your goods fill an entire container, either 20’ or 40’ long. If you are shipping at a high volume, you’ll save time and money by shipping FCL.

Read more about China Freight Forwarder China here. The quotes on this table are port-to-port FCL shipping average rates. When using FCL, it’s best to work with a freight forwarder who has experience moving freight from Chinese factories to the United States. FCL can also be shipped directly to a buyer’s warehouse, once it arrives in the United States or shipped to a warehouse first before it is deconsolidated. FCL does not require that a container is filled to capacity, but rather, designates that the container space is not shared between multiple buyer’s shipments.

This method is ideal for smaller shipments, and DHL tries to deliver this cargo by the next business day. When shipping from China to the USA, this usually means that it takes two days for cargo to arrive, however, results vary by 2-4 days on average. Air Express can take anywhere from 1-5 days, air freight from 2-15 days, and sea freight from 15-35+ days.. The China-Europe railway freight is said to be 20 days faster than sea freight.

Which Incoterms Are Better While Making Economy Shipment From China?

Depending on the amount you are purchasing from your Chinese supplier, you may fill an entire shipping container or only part of one. Next, I will talk about the most common 4 shipping from China to USA methods. Using a freight forwarder will steer you clear of the pitfalls and take over the organizing and troubleshoot where necessary. But there’s one step that is often made before bringing in a forwarder. Before agreeing to a deal with your supplier, be sure that you understand about selecting incoterms. When you’re shipping from China to the UK, there are many different viable routes that you might want to ship.

Railway Freight for Full Container Load

Try not to rush because even though it takes several days or weeks for your shipment to arrive, this is still pretty fast compared to other countries around the world. First, you’ll need a sea freight forwarder to ship your products to a local warehouse. Read more about Cost of Shipping From China to US here. This requires a minimum weight, generally starting with 20 kg, or 30 kg, according to the freighter’s policy.

Air freight is the most economical option for shipments that weigh between 400 lbs and 1200 lbs. At prices 30-40% cheaper than express shipping, you get the best of both worlds, fast shipping and lower pricing. There are many logistic service providers have their own special line. The shipping cost is often reasonable and delivery time is acceptable.

Combine smaller quantities of goods to produce a more considerable amount by consolidating shipping, leading to lower prices. Everyone can consolidate international orders through the Supplyia China warehouse. When you are using an entire container yourself, you are shipping FCL (full container load). Typically, there are different size options when it comes to shipping containers.

Lead Times for Various Shipping Options from China

Transportation through the ocean is one of the best ways and most cost-friendly methods for receiving goods at your doorstep. FCL or Full Container Load is a service where the cargo occupies the entire container. In this shipping method, the shipper reserves the whole container for your product, which is required if the importing quantity is large.

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