Month: December 2023


How far can you throw a golf ball? The 2005 Boards

I don’t think it’s myth that swing speed and compression have correlation, the PXG robot seemed to show it does. However, the other robot test certainly has different data so maybe it doesn’t. Read more about Golf Ball Air Cannon here. Titleist ball fits green to tee, Bridgestone Tee to green. The most recent series announced by series creator […]


Car Shipping, Auto & Vehicle Transport in Canada Hansens Forwarding

Whether it’s an SUV, cargo van or heavy-duty pickup truck, we have the expertise and the equipment to transport oversized vehicles of any type and size. Hansen’s helps moving companies deliver smooth and hassle-free vehicle relocation services to their customers. With more than 40 years of experience in the auto transport business, we’ve earned a […]


How To Encourage Critical Thinking in Math

It is this sort of logical playfulness that Smullyan loves, and that everyone seems to love him for. Over his near century of life, Smullyan, 96, became an accomplished pianist and magician, made fundamental contributions to modern logic, and wrote about Taoist philosophy and chess. A new downloadable PDF book now available free on Conceptis […]


How Much Does House Cleaning Cost? 2023

Having a niche for your cleaning business will help you build trust and win business over some of your more generalized competitors. An additional advantage is that you have the option to browse through reviews and choose from a pool of cleaners on the company’s website to ensure you find the right fit for your […]

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