How To Sew A Blanket: 4 Ways to Get Started

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How To Sew A Blanket: 4 Ways to Get Started

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I was able to use my hands to get relatively even knit stitches, and the whole thing only took me a few hours to craft. This blanket would make a stunning gift, or make it in your favourite colours to match your own seasonal decor. Granny square blankets are a crochet classic, with simple stitches that make them ideal for beginners and experts alike. Dive into this step-by-step tutorial to learn how to crochet a granny square blanket you’ll love snuggling under. Learning to knit, along with understanding all the confusing pattern abbreviations, can be super intimidating. However, there are plenty of easy knit blanket options that can be made with fingers, hands, or your arms. These DIY blankets are easier to make than a classic knit blanket so they are perfect for beginners!

Weighted Blanket

You’ll be using your hands and fingers instead of your hands and your arms to knit. Now, let’s get down to the fun part – making the granny square itself!. Read more about plaid grosse maille, plaid beige , plaid bleu here. The process starts with a magic circle, and then builds upon that circle with rounds of 3-dc clusters (aka granny clusters). When shopping for yarn, you’ll want something soft and durable.

Tube yarn blanket, Small throw blanket 35”x50” (90×130 cm)

Each granny square measures 6 in square, and there are 6 columns and 8 rows of squares. Here are the supplies you’ll need for your granny square blanket. If you have one of our Velvet Weighted Blanket, we recommend handling it with a little extra care by not washing it too frequently. There’s something deeply satisfying about dipping in and out of them, watching each small contribution accumulate, and passing milestones along the way.

Nonetheless, It is easier to avoid the hustle of constantly washing your weighted blanket by buying one of the many YNM duvet covers! With these unique blanket covers, you get an ideal added protection layer and easy cleaning convenience! Furthermore, they are a terrific way to enhance your weighted blanket decor with new fabrics and designs and completely transform your sleeping experience! Feel free to contact us for more information on our weighted blankets and duvet covers. But, as much as we want our weighted blankets to look spanking clean and brand new, washing them can be daunting.

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