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How CSS is structured Learn web development MDN

If you’re interested in working on a real project, try finding an open-source project to contribute to. Read this How to Contribute to an Open Source Project guide before you get started. Let’s move forward and cover the structural elements you’ll find nested in a size. If you’re stuck or unsure of something, don’t be […]


How To Encourage Critical Thinking in Math

It is this sort of logical playfulness that Smullyan loves, and that everyone seems to love him for. Over his near century of life, Smullyan, 96, became an accomplished pianist and magician, made fundamental contributions to modern logic, and wrote about Taoist philosophy and chess. A new downloadable PDF book now available free on Conceptis […]


How Long Does it Take to Learn Turkish?

Turkey’s government has long been committed to promoting Turkish language education both at home and abroad. In recent years, it has stepped up its efforts to make Turkish language courses more widely available. Once you have a handle how to build sentences like they’re lego bricks, you’ll possess a skill that will make dozens of […]

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