How Much to Rent Porta Potties? Get a Free Quote Today

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How Much to Rent Porta Potties? Get a Free Quote Today

Handwashing stations may be essential during a time when public health is a priority. Flushable toilets might be a requirement for upscale events or long-term usage where traditional portable toilets may not suffice.

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Touch base with us today to hear about the options you’ll have for your upcoming event. Prior to preparing your event space for a bathroom trailer, you’ll need to reserve the right bathroom rental. FusionSite is the bathroom rental company you can count on to set you up with one.

These guidelines are in place to create greater inclusivity for all users. Events or worksites that stretch over several days also should have a few bonus restrooms. Heavier usage can translate to a higher chance of something going wrong. Well-designed lighting is pivotal, especially for evening events. We meticulously plan and implement lighting solutions to guarantee visibility and enhance the overall event ambiance.

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We provide portable restroom trailers and shower trailers across the Intermountain West, including Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, and beyond! For your convenience, A Royal Flush offers amazing customer service, which allows porta potty rental businesses to manage their inventory and back-office tasks. Our dedication to our customers to ensure their rental experience is nothing but positive is something we always strive for. Having a luxury restroom trailer at your outdoor event is all about securing the safety and comfort of your guests. Porta-potties are such a ubiquitous aspect of construction sites, large events, and other settings that you may have never given them a second thought.

Understanding compliance costs and regulations

Incorporate everything from the decorations to the signs directing guests into your thematic design. By having an overall design focus, you can create a distinctive event with your own stamp on it.

Forgetting this simple step will lead to future complaints from the customer. If it is a consolidated space and you have room to put all the porta john rentals together, your numbers should not change. However, if you need to have them in separate areas, this increases the likelihood of overcrowding at any one particular location. If your restroom trailer is being transported long distances, you’ll need to ensure that the tow vehicle you use can handle it properly. Read more about luxury restroom trailer rentals here. Typically, you will need a large-duty pickup truck or semi-tractor with all the proper commercial safety equipment installed. You should also take note of the terrain at your venue to determine if it’s suitable for placing the restroom trailer. If it’s too sloppy or bumpy, then it may not be able to properly transfer waste or run water.

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