How Long Does it Take to Learn Turkish?

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How Long Does it Take to Learn Turkish?

Turkey’s government has long been committed to promoting Turkish language education both at home and abroad. In recent years, it has stepped up its efforts to make Turkish language courses more widely available.

Once you have a handle how to build sentences like they’re lego bricks, you’ll possess a skill that will make dozens of other Asian languages easier to learn. Hundreds of free and paid online language learning video courses at Udemy. By native speakers and experts, from Arabic to Zulu. One true challenge is learning new vocabulary in Turkish and naturally it is equally difficult for a Turkish speaker to do the same in English, German or another European language for the same reason. Historically, every language in Europe were influenced by or derived from Latin and it is the common essence of all Romance languages, English and it had some impact on German up to some extent. “Schreiben” in German is “escribir” when translated into Spanish.

Maybe you caught a chill last night and feel weak and sick; then you can say “hastayım” to let the other person know why you don’t look good. This is another casual phrase to use instead of nasılsın. It has a meaning like how is life going or how have you been lately. Well, this phrase is not really asking how someone is; it actually asks what someone is doing, like physically “what are you up to? ” However, we sometimes use it interchangeably with “nasılsın” in Turkey.

This Turkish phrase is actually transformed to “naber” from “ne haber” which literally means what news by the time. “Mary” is the subject, she’s the one that does the action.“eats” (yiyor) is the verb, also known as the action. And “an apple” (bir elma) is the object, which is affected by the action. As you can see, the Turkish sentence structure puts the object first, and then the verb. This isn’t impossible to master, but it does take a bit to get used to.

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Because of the reasons I am going to give you further, it totally makes sense considering the fact that all those people come from Europe or the USA. I also would like to note that some of the best non-native speakers of Turkish were Japanese for the same reasons in my personal experience. Turkish is a language that can be learned in a variety of ways, but there are no single ways to do so. If you’re looking for an easy way to learn Turkish in a short amount of time, Duolingo is a great place to start. Duolingo will not be sufficient to assist you in learning any other language; instead, you should supplement it with other resources.

The basic word order in Turkish is subject-object-verb. Turkish does not have noun classes or grammatical genders. The language uses honorifics and has a strong T-V distinction, which differentiates various levels of formality, social distance, age, politeness, or familiarity towards the recipient. Try your first Turkish lesson for free and discover Babbel’s easy and intuitive course system which determines your individual level and accommodates different learning styles. You can learn at your own pace, set your own lesson plans and receive helpful hints whenever you need them. You will also be joining an entire community of learners. Babbel users can easily share questions, experiences and advice via message boards and chat, and the Babbel support team is always only a message away.

Turkish Language Course By Government

There are so much that the article does not cover, but the idea is to give learners of Turkish a quickie about some aspects of the language so that they can overcome some of the challenges more easily. Here in Istanbul, meeting and speaking with people from Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Azeri speaking parts of Iran, Afghanistan and the Uighur speaking areas of China is a daily occurrence. Of course, there are various degrees of intelligibility, but you get the point. If you are planning an epic round-the-world trip anywhere from Macedonia to China – Turkish is your best friend.

Find the Best Way to Learn Turkish for You

Turkish is spoken with surprising regularity by the 80,000,000 inhabitants of the country despite a diverse makeup of Turks, Armenians, and Kurds, just to name a few ethnic groups in the country. You can safely travel Turkey’s 8,000 kilometres of Black Sea coast and notice no differences other than a change in accent. Don’t lose any more time—start utilizing all of the resources has to offer. CEFR refers to this stage as “Proficient User” and it consists of the C1 and C2 levels. CEFR refers to this stage as “Independent User,” which consists of the B1 and B2 levels.

I started asking myself, how can I learn Turkish but this time on my own. Learning Turkish can seem daunting but there are easy ways to fast-track your fluency. I think that you can learn the basics in a few months. This is how I was able to learn Turkish by myself in 4 months.

Ask them advice on pronunciation, or verb conjugation. If you are serious about learning Turkish, chose a movie, documentary or long speech that you are very familiar with, and then listen to it in Turkish. Soon you will begin to recognize word, phrases, and inflections. If you have a movie you do not mind watching over and over in Turkish, and you understand the version made in your native language, you have a great chance to learn the language quickly. Another hassle with grammar is the sentence structure which is completely different compared to English. For someone who speaks Spanish, it is easy to understand the lack of subject pronoun is not an issue in a sentence because it is not required. Read more about english turkish translator here. Since all verbs are already conjugated according to the subject person, you do not need to use subject pronouns separately in Turkish unless you want to emphasize it strongly.

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