How to Use a Sauna Safely with Pictures

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How to Use a Sauna Safely with Pictures

And the first thing that happens when you voluntarily expose yourself to short-term extreme heat is that your skin temperature elevates along with core body temperature. These are placed directly over the heating element so you can ladle water over the rocks to temporarily increase the humidity.

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In a traditional setup, sauna temperatures can reach 175°F. You can modify the temperature of the sauna heater to suit your preferences. Read more about Barrel sauna maintenance here. While it has evolved to meet modern needs, its core remains unchanged. A traditional sauna is a wooden cabin that produces heat with an electric or wood-burning stove. You might think about bringing a paperback into the sauna with you, but your focus/higher level thinking skills will diminish as your body heats up and your heart rate rises. Plus, your hands are going to get way too sweaty for holding a book. 20-30 minutes is the traditional sauna length for Finnish saunas, and most of the studies cited in our previous article had participants sit in the sauna for at least 20 minutes.

What to Wear in a Sauna: The Ultimate Guide

If you are converting an existing living space into a sauna, start by stripping the area down to bare wall studs and ceiling joists and framing out any new walls that will be needed. The rough opening for the sauna door should be 24-by-82 inches. The floor should be impermeable, such as tile, cement or vinyl. If the floor is plywood, protect it with tile or duckboard flooring. An outdoor location will need to be level, with enough room for at least a six-foot by six-foot box, seven feet tall.

Step 1: Heat

When done right, it should feel like you’ve just treated yourself to a first-class spa. Make sure you drink plenty of water before hand or even bring it alongside you during your session.

It’s not unusual to see a sauna and steam room located next to each other in a health club. Since saunas use dry heat and steam rooms use wet heat, they look and feel differently from each other. Both provide relaxation and varying types of health benefits. Personal preference and your needs may determine which you enjoy most. Full-spectrum infrared saunas offer even more positive effects than regular and far infrared saunas. In addition to the benefits we mentioned above, they can alleviate pain, rejuvenate skin, and even speed up wound healing.

Hotels will always have it as an amenity as well, and if you travel around the region, you would even notice these small wooden huts that are either beside a house or near a body of water. Japan, for example, is well-known for its onsen or natural hot springs, whereas Turkey has its famous hammams or bathhouses. When it comes to Finland though, their love for saunas resonates all over the world. They are, after all, the country that invented this form of amazing public bath culture. Once you’ve planned all of the foundational aspects of your sauna, the next big decision is what kind of wood to use for the interior.

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