How to Remodel a Kitchen in 10 Steps

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How to Remodel a Kitchen in 10 Steps

We were living in the Woodlea Historic District of Central Phoenix, and I got this gut feeling that it was time to cash out of the market. But, first, we needed to do something about our disaster of a galley kitchen. At that time, I had started my transition into interior design by working at a home improvement/decor store for several months in the kitchen department.

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Because even though no walls were being moved, the major appliances were being shifted around so much that the plumbing and electrical lines all had to be rerouted. Work with a kitchen designer to develop a layout and plan for your kitchen. We did all the labor in our remodel ourselves with the exception of the electricity and plumbing—although looking back we probably could have taken care of the latter.

Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting a Kitchen Remodel

Whatever the reason, you are now preparing to gut your kitchen. This is a bigger job than you think, so it takes careful planning and some fortitude to get through. Don’t worry, this article will help you with one of the first steps – packing up your kitchen for remodeling. There are many parts, pieces and variables that play into your kitchen remodeling budget. The faster you can make decisions, the more quickly you can hone in on the right number. With cabinetry playing a key role in the budget and design process, I recommend engaging a kitchen designer as soon as possible.

They schedule work for the trade professionals typically involved in kitchen renovations such as electricians, plumbers, tile professionals, fabricators, and finish carpenters. The first step in any kitchen remodel should be to consult a kitchen designer. A kitchen remodel can be super overwhelming and complex, so you will want their expertise when it comes to choosing all of the materials that are a part of your project as well as the layout. Next, as you work with your designer, identify your appliances, countertops, fixtures and other materials to complete your project. Partnering with your kitchen designer and a general contractor to install your help you get the kitchen of your dreams. Like kitchen cabinets, countertops and backsplash tile are also major focal points in any kitchen, so you’ll want to choose something that fits both your needs and your style. For a bargain price of about $8,000, you could simply reface the existing cabinets, install new laminate countertops and add two new appliances in a 100 square foot kitchen.

The primer seals the facing paper and protects it against scuffs and scrapes when installing other items in the room. Well, Mrs. Heggeman’s kitchen is almost complete, just a few paint touch ups here and there and all of the installation of the ceramic tiles she selected for the backsplash.

It would help if you first explore design ideas in publications or online to help you build a realistic view of the appearance and style you desire. Coming into the process with no ideas will prolong the process. Read more about granite countertop ashburn va here. Once you’ve narrowed down your alternatives, you should book a session with a kitchen designer to review your ideas. A lot of factors will impact the total price of a kitchen remodel. Budgets are project-specific and driven mainly by room size and customer needs. Therefore, if you’re going by expert project advice, you may need to budget for painting, tiling, flooring, plumbing, electricity, and other fittings. So, you may have been researching designs for kitchen cabinets, which is where a kitchen remodel begins.

Comprehensive Guide on How to Start a Remodel

If you live in a high-end or exclusive neighborhood, then future buyers may expect luxury level brands like Sub-Zero, Wolf, Viking, or Monogram, to name just a few. DO treat yourself to ordering meals or going out to restaurants. Whether it’s something you get to look forward to on a routine or as needed, set aside a special budget to give yourself some relief from the crock pot. Join us for the Firenza Stone Cleveland Home Expo, a one-day event featuring a full facility tour, demonstrations, and the latest trends in home remodeling and design. The correct height and location for a microwave oven will vary depending on the chef or the kid-friendly nature of the kitchen. For adults, 15 inches above the countertop level is a good microwave height.

Trust your gut and avoid any builders with multiple complaints or poor communication notes. Feeling heard and understood during your kitchen remodel should be a fundamental expectation, not a “nice to have.” Don’t settle here.

Then you can have pantry shelves installed at the right height and know everything will fit in the pantry. While planning how to design a kitchen, you’ll also want to decide if any small appliances will be housed in the pantry. If so, be sure also to dedicate enough space for those items.

Keep track of your options in a detailed list or a spreadsheet. A little preparation will help you break the process down into logical and manageable steps. Think about all the reasons why you want to remodel your kitchen – what’s your motivation? Write them down and communicate them with your partner and your household. In fact, both of these reasons support talking to designers and contractors sooner in the process.

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