How to Choose the Right Telecom and IT Recycling Partner

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How to Choose the Right Telecom and IT Recycling Partner

If you’re uncertain about an old system in your workplace, merely call your native electronics recycling facility to see if it’s recyclable. An electronics recycling program is a great initiative for any business to take. From massive corporations to small start-ups, electronics recycling options will profit both your company and the setting. The two commonest laptop recycling certifications for North American recyclers are the Basel Action Network’s (BAN) e-Stewards and Sustainable Electronics Recycling International’s (SERI) R2 Standard. BAN has been certifying recyclers since 2006 to ensure that no electronics are exported overseas. R2 (originally R2 Solutions) has been round since 2008, and focuses more on certifying the recycling process and data destruction.

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We are lucky to have the domestic markets in Georgia, Ohio and Chicago area for our plastics. We don’t landfill any plastics apart from plastics that aren’t accepted within the U-Cycle program similar to plastics toys, plastic garments hangers, and so on. that I find in carts once in a while.


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Your custodial service, whether or not inner or externally offered, is commonly a critical component to a successful program. We should acknowledge that recycling is only economically viable for a limited vary of supplies.

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The recycling rates for particular supplies had been 66% for paper and cardboard, 27% for glass, and 8% for plastics. Glass and steel have the flexibility to be recycled indefinitely, whereas paper could be recycled round 5 to seven occasions before it turns into too degraded for further use. On the other hand, plastic can solely be recycled a couple of times, and often not into food containers, because the polymers break down through the recycling process. Electronic waste is among the quickest growing segments of our nation’s waste stream. It encompasses all broken, unusable, or outdated/obsolete electronic gadgets, components, and materials. E-waste additionally includes gadgets that could be recycled through an digital recycling program, which encompasses electronics which might be going to be reused, resold, salvaged, or recycled.

The number of computers wanted to make one bucket of gold salt, although, in all probability numbers in the hundreds. SLS is at the forefront of creating progressive e-waste recycling solutions. In this case, along with weighing shipments, every merchandise received might be scanned and audited in accordance with consumer requirements.

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