How to Choose a Roadside Assistance Plan

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How to Choose a Roadside Assistance Plan

Remember that replacing spare parts isn’t generally covered no matter how great your policy is. With roadside assistance memberships, such as AAA, drivers pay an annual subscription for comprehensive roadside assistance services. As part of an insurance policy, roadside assistance usually involves an additional charge on your insurance premiums. If you have a Mastercard or Visa credit card, you may already have access to roadside assistance. Some of these cards provide pay-per-incident coverage, which means you’ll pay each time you use the service but won’t be charged anything if you never use this benefit. There’s no monthly or annual fee for this type of roadside assistance, although there may be an annual fee for the credit card itself.

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In some cases, tow truck drivers show up unsolicited and try to take advantage of drivers whose cars are disabled on the roadside. It’s important to note that most policies have service and reimbursement limitations.

Instead of paying every month whether you use the service or not, you can pay when (and if) you need help. Easily compare personalized rates to see how much switching car insurance could save you. Our partners cannot pay us to guarantee favorable reviews of their products or services. In other words, you may be able to access roadside assistance for the duration of your car’s warranty.

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Most importantly, compare your available options and their features, coverage, and costs so you can buy the right road assistance coverage. It can be scary and stressful to break down on a busy road or in the middle of the night. But with roadside assistance coverage, you have a number to call for immediate help. OONA’s Auto Insurance comes with free 24/7 Road Assist for all policyholders. Some of the benefits covered by this include tire replacement, towing, accident coordination, and hospital assistance. If you have a car that’s not over 10 years old, check out this roadside assistance add-on coverage for comprehensive motor car policyholders of BPI MS Insurance. The scorching weather in the Philippines, especially during summer, raises the risk of overheating—more so if you aren’t maintaining your vehicle correctly.

You would then submit receipts for the towing service for reimbursement. The cheapest AAA membership is the Basic plan, which costs about $64 per year depending on your local auto club. The Basic plan comes with lower allowances on towing, lockout service and trip interruption. If you’re wondering, “what is roadside protection?” I’ve got to admit, I’m a little jealous.

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But once I made the change, I was finally able to come out on top, with a towing and roadside assistance business, grossing revenues of more 1.5 Million annually. And even in the midst of growing that business, I made plenty of mistakes. But the lessons learned from those mistakes are much more valuable than anything money can buy. Action Towing is a premier roadside assistance company based in Edmonton, Alberta. Visit our website to explore our professional towing services or contact us for quick roadside assistance.

If you cannot get your vehicle away from traffic or think you may be struck from behind, exit your vehicle safely. Watch for oncoming traffic, especially at night or when visibility is limited. Do not stand behind or in front of your car as other drivers may have trouble seeing you, increasing your risk of being hurt. When your vehicle stalls, you can call your car insurance company to tow it to a repair shop and not worry about asking your family or friends for help. Note that if an MMDA-accredited towing company tows your stalled car, you’ll be issued a traffic violation ticket.

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