How to Charge for House Cleaning Services Pricing Guide

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How to Charge for House Cleaning Services Pricing Guide

Attention to detail is another way to show customers that you provide quality service. Often we hear stories of cleaning clients switching to a different company because the little things keep getting overlooked.

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Some companies are pricier than others; for example Merry Maids may charge up to $250 an hour, whereas Ecomaids costs typically reach $100 per hour at most. Ultimately, the company a customer chooses can depend on their budget, what services they need, and company reviews, among other considerations. Below are some popular house cleaning services and their hourly prices. To determine your hourly rate for house cleaning, add your labor and overhead costs with potential profits and divide by the hours worked. The answer is the minimum amount you should charge for your house cleaning services. This will be enough to cover your expenses, pay you a salary and make a profit.

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It is, therefore, suggested that the business owners prepare themselves beforehand. Trends in any industry evolve with time as the needs and expectations of consumers change. Similarly, it is necessary for the cleaning businesses to keep abreast of the industry trends and adapt modern practices to fulfill the latest demands of the market. Below discussed are the current trends in the cleaning industry to be kept in mind by the aspiring entrepreneurs of this industry. A deep cleaning costs more because of time and effort-intensive tasks such as cleaning baseboards, lamps, furniture, carpets, walls, and heavy grime from bathrooms or kitchens. This is considered a “top-to-bottom” or “floor-to-ceiling” clean that addresses almost every part of the home. A deep clean is likely to be booked on a less frequent schedule and typically costs $200 to $400.

Square footage provides a starting point for cleaning companies to determine how much to charge. A larger office with a break room and multiple restrooms would cost more to clean than a small office space.

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Apart from identifying your clients and offering great services, your business also requires some marketing strategies to perform at its fullest. Social media presence, online advertising, email marketing are some of the popular ways to convert a potential customer into a paying one. Moreover, you can offer discounts, promotions, and other incentives to encourage people to sign up on your platform. Building the cleaning website from scratch will allow you to build everything from start to finish and customize it as per your requirements.

Availability of add-ons such as deep cleaning, laundry, and ironing services

Now, let’s take a look at some of the most crucial factors to consider when setting prices for your house cleaning services. Although you might disagree, most people find cleaning their homes to be stressful and even painful. By starting a cleaning business, such as a business cleaning service or a house cleaning company, you are tapping into an enormous house cleaning jobs market with plenty of clientele.

Doing so will give customers exactly what they want from a house cleaning company. Implement these tips to help you generate more leads, sales, and to help keep your customers longer. From there you can focus on selling them on the benefits of hiring you vs the competition. Optimize your cleaning business marketing strategy to highlight more of your core difference and benefits to potential customers as well.

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