How to Become a Locksmith 6 Steps

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How to Become a Locksmith 6 Steps

These basic skills are things that every locksmith needs to know before they can become certified (though you may not need official certification depending on where you live). One of the biggest difficulties with attending an online trade school in any discipline is missing out on a hands-on experience. One of the biggest benefits of attending an online training program of any kind is convenience. In addition to the locksmith license requirement, the following cities / districts currently require more documentation for issuing locksmith licenses. Training will help you hone your skills and acquire specialized skills such as automotive locksmith, commercial locksmith, security, etc.

Different locksmith services require different amounts of time and skill. An apprentice can complete some simple tasks, while more complex jobs require a master locksmith. You’ll need to pay for materials as well as labor if you require a new lock. Many locksmiths provide emergency services in addition to regular jobs. Online locksmith training programs can vary significantly in cost.

Since you have the ability to enter any facility at any time, you have to be a trustworthy citizen. When you apply to become a locksmith you will undergo a background check where they will determine whether or not you are fit.

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It can be easy to blend school and home life when you are training remotely. Reach out to your classmates to ask if they want to form a study group, either remotely or in person if you feel like that would be beneficial to you. Getting a certification lends you credibility as a tradesman, both to customers and to potential employers. This covers not only the cost of the course but also the cost of any tools and materials you may need for your studies. Depending on your program, you may be able to access the course through a public computer (such as at a library) if you do not have internet access at home. The freedom of learning from home also has a downside, especially if you struggle with self-discipline.

FAQs About Locksmith Cost

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Locksmith salaries vary dramatically based on where you are performing locksmith services and the years of experience you have. The national average for a trained locksmith in 2022 is just under $50,000 according to an employer survey from You can expect to make more than this table if you are in an expensive city (New York, San Francisco, etc…) and much less than that for small towns. The majority of locksmiths will start in the profession as an apprentice. As a locksmith employer, we give hiring preference for those looking for apprenticeship positions to those that have taken a course.

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Locksmith Licensing

There is a level for training and education you will need to go through before working as a locksmith. Below is a summary of the most common steps to becoming a licensed locksmith. If you are starting your own locksmith business, you will also need to look into the legality of starting your own business in your area.

This will not only help you learn more effectively but also keep your mind clear and relaxed while you study. Everyone learns differently, and it is all right if it takes you a while to find your learning style. The important thing is that it is a place where you can focus without distractions, have all your materials in one place, and learn effectively.

You can also purchase rekeying kits online for $10–$75. This process generally requires more time and precision than replacing a lock, but it’s possible to do yourself. Commercial locksmiths charge more because commercial buildings have more heavy-duty doors and locks. Installing new locks may cost $150–$450 depending on the system’s complexity.

Annually National Average Salary: $47,810

If you call a locksmith who says it’s necessary to drill your lock and replace it, think about hiring another person. A skilled, legitimate locksmith has invested in the tools and education and honed the skills to unlock almost any door. If your key breaks off in a lock, expect to pay between $60 and $200 for extraction. The exact figure will depend on the type of lock, where you live, and whether you incur an emergency callout fee for nights, weekends, and holidays. Locksmiths usually charge between $75 and $130 to rekey clocks.

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