How Long Does A Mattress Last?

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How Long Does A Mattress Last?

With this extensive knowledge of beds, they’re able to offer insights on highlights, pros and cons and select best mattress picks that are actually worth the money. Every member of our editorial team is a certified sleep science coach and has dedicated many hours to researching sleep and mattresses. Most mattresses are fresh off the factory floor and will off-gas while they’re inflating. The odor and off-gassing time can vary for different beds based on their materials, but you’ll want to make sure your bedroom is well-ventilated so the odor can disperse quickly. Set up a fan or open the doors and windows to help speed up the process.

Read more about natural latex mattresses here. It should be just as easy to buy a mattress online and have it shipped to your door as it is to buy a new pair of shoes. Traditional mattress buying includes finding a way to transport a large mattress, spending hours in a showroom with sales people, and paying a ton of money for no added convenience. You can buy your new mattress online from the comfort of your home, have it shipped directly to your door, and save money doing it. Once your BedInABox® mattress has arrived at your home, it is just as simple to unbox and set up. The memory foam of the BedInABox® mattresses expands to its original shape and size once it is unboxed and is ready to go to sleep when you are. All of our BedInABox® mattresses are made of memory foam, which makes them easier to pack and ship than traditional spring mattresses. With packaging a mattresses in a box, the first step is generally to cover the mattress in plastic sheathing, which keeps it protected.

If you’ve never really thought about your preferred sleeping positions before, I’d encourage you to pay extra close attention to how you sleep over the next week. You’ll likely find that you’re either a back sleeper, side sleeper, stomach sleeper, or some combination of the three. Read more about best mattresses for side sleepers here. In this handy guide, I am going to walk you through exactly how to choose the perfect mattress for you.

The trick to finding the best mattress with the right height for you is understanding the thickness options and who they work best for. Mattress thickness is a critical but often overlooked criterion that influences how a mattress feels and performs. Thicker models have a reputation for luxury, while thinner options tend to be more budget-friendly. Jenna is a freelance writer with a focus on health and wellness. She has almost a decade of healthcare experience writing on topics such as sleep and mental/emotional balance.

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There are many advantages that memory foam provides in terms of giving people a better night’s sleep. Since sleep is such a critical part of our everyday life, sometimes investing a little bit more in our mattress can be well worth it.

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That’s because manufacturers provide a suggested retail price (SRP) for the mattress, but the final sale price is up to the retailer. Retailers sometimes mark up the price above the SRP only so they can slash it back down and claim they’re offering a deep discount. Check out the manufacturer’s or brand’s site for the mattress’ SRP before you buy, and use that to gauge whether a retailer is really offering a good deal. Unless your purchase is time sensitive, it’s a good idea to wait for a sale to avoid paying full price. Mattress companies offer discounts all year long, but these holiday times are when you’ll see the most consistent and competitive offers across various brands. Note that other certifications may be used for beds with green claims, like OEKO-TEX, GREENGUARD and CertiPUR-US. These let you know that the mattresses have been tested to ensure there are no unsafe levels of harmful chemicals, but they do not validate any organic or natural claims on their own.

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To assess whether your bed is too soft or too firm, you can observe cues from your body. Certain sensations and pains can tell you what the problem is, and what you need to do to improve your comfort. One of the newest options in latex mattresses is the “zoned” latex mattress. Zoned mattresses are built in rows of varying firmness to provide targeted firmness on pressure points. This means that the mattress is able to provide soft cushioning where you need it and firmer support everywhere else. It’s important to note that the firmness and support level of a bed are different.

To start, lie down in your chosen sleeping position on a mattress. Shift positions and see how long it takes the mattress to return to its original shape. Read more about made in USA mattress here. Your body isn’t a straight line; it has curves, and the appropriate mattress should support your back while supporting your arches. Back, side, and stomach sleepers will all require various levels of support in different places. However, if you try out some models in an actual store or two, you should do fine.

Your mattress should enable you to fall asleep on your side, back, or stomach. Have a look at the table below to see how weight will affect the best firmness for you. Back sleepers have the most range in firmness, as pressure is more evenly spread across their pressure points while they sleep. Because of this, back sleepers can find comfort on soft, medium, and firm mattresses.

We know that manufacturing and materials play the largest roles in the overall quality, durability, and cost of your mattress. Fortunately, there are ways to prolong the health of your mattress to extend its life for as long as possible.

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