How Is Money Divided in a Class Action Lawsuit

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How Is Money Divided in a Class Action Lawsuit

You want to choose a lawyer who is straightforward and transparent in his pricing. You want an attorney you that can comfortably communicate with and who is available for consultation. The attorney should be ready to listen to your needs and solve your class complaint. A healthy working relationship with your attorney will also ensure the entire process runs smoothly. When a company lures its investors into purchasing securities through misrepresentation of facts, the company can be held responsible in a class-action lawsuit. For example, a company can misstate its revenues on its financial statements or make a false projection of future revenues.

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For “opt-in” class action suits, it can be more difficult to identify and contact potential class members. Law firms may use advertisements and publicity to try to identify people who have been damaged and may be eligible to join the class action. If you think you may be included in a class action lawsuit, you can check a current list of lawsuits at All class actions start out with a complaint and with one or more individual “lead Plaintiffs” who are willing to come forward. Lead Plaintiffs can face more risk and more obligations than other class members. Often, that commitment is recognized by the court approving additional award related to the service Lead Plaintiffs have rendered for the benefit of the class.

Tips for Participating in a Class Action Lawsuit

With origins dating back to the early 19th century in West v. Randall, almost two dozen other countries have since followed the United States’ lead and adopted class action lawsuits in one form or another. This unique form of litigation offers benefits to both parties involved — as well as to the court system — but also comes with its share of difficulties.

Read more about Class action lawsuit here. This is why many of the cases listed on our website are currently marked “under investigation.” Often, attorneys will want to speak to consumers when trying to determine whether a class action can be filed. This will help them determine whether it would be worthwhile to file a case. This means there must be multiple people who have all allegedly suffered from the same legal wrongdoing and who all have the shared right to pursue a claim together. Generally, the minimum number of people required to have a shared claim is 40 in order for a case to qualify for a class action.

Learn More About Class Action Lawsuits

When 20,000 former Enron employees sued for compensation for their lost pension, they won $85 million – about $3,100 per employee. Class action lawsuits are an effective way to fight for your rights when a large group is affected by the same issue. Understanding the legal framework and consulting with experienced counsel before taking action is essential.

Joining Rule 23 Class Actions

If a settlement is not reached, the case may proceed to trial, potentially lasting several weeks to even months. After a verdict, either party can appeal, further extending the timeline by a year or more. Even after a resolution, distributing the funds to the class members might take additional months, especially in complex cases. A judge must approve the proposed damage or settlement award, including the type of benefits class members will be entitled to claim. In some cases, the defendants will decide to settle the class action before it goes to trial. This is often done to avoid the expense and uncertainty of going to trial.

If the attorney concludes that the plaintiff might have a valid case against the defendant, they will decide the best course of legal action to take, in this case, a class action lawsuit. The term ‘similar injuries’ means you and other plaintiffs in the class action lawsuit share identical injuries due to the defendant’s actions or lack thereof. Suppose the kettle had a defective design, burning the user when they opened the lid after boiling water. In that case, if other users also suffered similar injuries while using the kettle, then they might as well join the class action lawsuit to seek compensation for their injuries.

The lead plaintiff and their legal team can do their part by sending out notices, but with larger cases against high-profile defendants, this process can be timely. Notifications may be sent through the U.S. mail, but it could take a while for responses to be submitted. Large cases may take even longer so legal teams can create advertisements to reach large audiences of similarly affected people. With more similarly affected people and evidence, your group’s attorney may have a case that is worthy of a settlement with the defendant to avoid litigation.

One of the critical considerations is the number of people who join the suit. Legally speaking, there is no set number required for a class-action lawsuit to move ahead, but most cases that are approved have hundreds of plaintiffs. Having this many participants gives the case validity in court, effectively establishing the case’s innate merits. Most of the time, class action lawsuits are more effective at eliciting a response from larger corporations, many of which shrug off small lawsuits as part of normal business. Modern legal case management software can be a game-changer in managing class action lawsuits. Factors like the case’s complexity, the court’s schedule, the parties’ willingness to negotiate, and unforeseen events can significantly alter the expected duration.

Once a judge has granted certification to a Class of consumers, notice of the class action lawsuit may be sent to potential Class Members. Advertisements are often posted in newspapers, magazines, and online to let consumers know about the litigation. Top Class Actions is also an excellent source of information about the latest class action lawsuit and settlement news—we’ll keep you updated and let you know when you’re able to join a class action lawsuit. Unlike other lawsuits where only one person sues, with a class action lawsuit, each plaintiff (the individuals who have been harmed) has an equal share in the outcome. Sometimes, this can result in each class member receiving a small sum if the harm they suffered was minimal and there were many other qualified class members. Hires a Class Action AttorneyThis individual is responsible for researching around for a good class action lawyer. Once they find the attorney they wish to work with, they will schedule a consultation with them to discuss the case.

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