A Guide to Hair Extensions & How to Care for Them

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A Guide to Hair Extensions & How to Care for Them

This is because professional stylists are trained to perfect specific kinds of hair extensions. You want someone who knows the proper way to sew strands into your hair or tape extensions to your roots in an efficient manner. By using a heat protectant, you’re applying an additional layer over your hair extensions’ strands. So, instead of burning your extensions, the heat protectant will take the hit, leaving your extensions’ hair fibers intact. There are different types of extensions ranging from temporary clip-ins to permanent micro-bonded strands. While you have no choice but to shampoo your permanent extensions when you shower, you can wash your clip-ins without it having to affect your hair wash day schedule. Even if getting hair extensions isn’t a chemical process like the ones mentioned above, it’s still of the utmost importance to provide the proper care for them.

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Hair extensions can be made of real or synthetic hair, but both have unique advantages to consider. One option isn’t necessarily always a better choice than the other. Some key differences (which we’ll go over more later) include price point, the ability to be colored or heat-treated, and how long they maintain their style. Halo extensions work phenomenally for thin hair because they don’t need to attach to the roots, meaning there’s no pull and no added weight. Hand-tied and tape-in extensions are also great options if you’d like extensions you can leave in for days at a time.

Not taking time to blend your clip-ins so they are hidden.

Once any problem areas have been fixed, gently brush through the hair with your fingers to help blend the extensions and hair together. Read more about hair tinsel here. From here, you can style both the extensions and your hair as you’d like if you haven’t done so already (straighten, curl, etc.).

Pamper Your Natural Hair

The wig clips have tiny holes where you can push the needle and thread them to secure the clips. Another option is to get Clip-EEZ, which doesn’t require you to sew or glue – you just clip it onto the weft. You can also add some glue on the back of the clips and attach them to the wefts for some extra security. All of our extensions are cut and trimmed within a range, e.g., the 20-22” length will be cut within inches.

It is recommended to also use a deep conditioning hair mask every 3-4 washes. There is a variety of extensions on the market, tape-in extensions being a popular type from the likes of Bellami hair.

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